Knitted fabrics and concepts (Part 2) – Distinguish types of knitting Fabric

Based on the mechanism of making loops in knitting technology, it is distinguished into two types: Weft and warp knitting fabric (Weft and warp knitting)

In weft knitting, the wales are perpendicular to the course of the yarn.

In warp knitting, wales and loops of yarn run almost parallel. In weft knitted fabric, in theory, fabric can be made from a single yarn, by weaving in turn. In contrast, in warp knit, one thread is for each column. Therefore, a longitudinal piece of knit fabric may have hundreds of wales, or require hundreds of yarns. Warp knitting is usually done by machine, while weft knitting is made possible by hand or machine. Warp knitting fabrics such as tricot have good shape stability besides elasticity and are often used in underwear.

In fact, weft knit fabric is woven from many groups of yarns corresponding to the number of needles, all participating in creating loops and creating fabric.

Common warp knitting fabrics:

Tricot type:
tricot-fabricTricot is commonly used for sewing underwear. The right side of the fabric has clear vertical stripes, while the opposite side is the horizontal ribs. These fabrics have a draft (soft) and soft (soft) texture and can stretch vertically and have virtually no horizontal stretch.


Milan style:
Milan has a stronger structure, is more stable, smoother and more expensive than tricot. Therefore, used in better underwear. These longitudinal knitted fabrics are made from two knitting yarns diagonally, resulting in a face fabric with distinct longitudinal ribs and a diagonal structure on the left. These fabrics are usually lightweight, smooth, and have good shape stability.
Raschel Type:
rachel-fabricRaschel is a warp-knitted knit fabric whose elongation is negligible and has a bulky structure. They are often used as a ventilating mesh material for coats, jackets, backpacks, bags … It can be designed from very high density, inelastic or very sparse like mesh, two face almost the same.


Common types of weft knitting:

Some basic weaving styles such as Single jersey right single jersey, double-sided woven fabrics like Rib, Interlock …

Single Jersey is a single-sided fabric, woven on a needle bed machine. Fabric has 2 distinctly different sides, one on the left and one on the right. Looking at the left side, we can clearly see the rows of rings. Fabrics with curly edges, easy to slip yarn.
rib-fabric-2 Rib fabric: Two sides of the fabric are the same and both are right side. If you stretch horizontally, it will be clear that the right column columns are interspersed with left column columns. The right and left ring columns will form two layers of ring columns located on two parallel planes, close to each other. No frills, great stretch, great thickness.
interlock-knit-fabric Interlock fabric: is the right double-sided fabric. The two sides of the fabric are the same and both are the right. The right loop of this fabric layer overlaps and completely covers the right loop of the other fabric. No frills, smooth fabric, no slip, low stretch.

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