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Best Korean Dramas on Netflix Feb 2022 – 7 Must-Watch Series

There wasn’t nearly enough engaging entertainment on television prior to the Golden Age of Television. People would have to go through hours of channel hopping between TLC reality programs and infomercials, unsatisfied the whole time.

The situation has been flipped on its head in recent years. There are considerably more well-made television series than anybody could ever watch in a lifetime.

Keep your remotes handy, because the enormous list of must-see TV series is about to get much larger. It’s time to pay attention to Korean TV series or K-dramas that have swept the globe. You could find yourself binge viewing for hours on end if you start watching these programs on Netflix.

Similar components may be seen across the K-drama spectrum, whether it’s a love drama or a history play. They’re noted for their compelling plot arcs, well-written tales, pulpy romances, and, most notably, their extraordinarily handsome main actors.

In addition, K-dramas want to wrap up their stories in a neat little bow in one season over a manageable amount of episodes. Unlike American television series, it will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever

There are a lot of wonderful programs to choose from, and seeing them all may be a bit daunting. Here’s a list of some of the top one-season Korean dramas to get you started.

1. Do Bong-soon with a Strong Girl.

best-korean-dramas-on-netflix 01
Best Korean Dramas on Netflix Feb 2022 – 7 Must-Watch Series 25

Do Bong-soon (Park Bo-young) is a descendant of a lineage of superhumanly strong women. She fantasizes of playing the lead role in a computer game that she has created herself. She also aspires to be an exquisite and delicate lady in order to get the attention of her crush, Guk-doo police officer (played by Ji Soo).

Bong-soon is employed as a security guard for Ahn Min-hyuk, the CEO of Ainsoft, a game firm (played by Park Hyung-sik). Min-hyuk, in contrast to Guk-doo, shows a complete disdain for norms, is spoilt, overly playful, and has a special hate for police officials.

After being hounded and getting anonymous threats, Min-hyuk began looking for a bodyguard. Min-hyuk sought to recruit Bong-soon immediately after seeing her beat off a bunch of thugs who were attacking an elderly bus driver.

People have been abducted in Dobong-dong, where Bong-soon resides, at the same time. Bong-soon begins her search for the kidnapper as he targets her closest friend. With Min-aid hyuk’s and training, she gradually gains control of her strength and uses it to benefit people around her. Throughout the season, their connection evolves into something more.

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2. Oh My Ghost

best-korean-dramas-on-netflix 02
Best Korean Dramas on Netflix Feb 2022 – 7 Must-Watch Series 26

Oh My Ghost tells the story of Na Bong-sun, a shy lady with poor self-esteem (played by Park Bo-young). She has no close pals of her own and is terribly lonely as a result of her nature. She works as an assistant cook at Sun Restaurant, where she is often punished for various reasons.

Her grandma, who is a shaman, also helps her see spirits on occasion. Bong-sun is one day possessed by Shin Soon-ae, a passionate virgin ghost (played by Kim Seul-gi). Soon-life ae’s was cut short, and she never had much of a chance to fall in love.

As a result, she feels that this is what maintains her on the planet. Soon-ae has been possessing several women in order to lure as many men as she can in order to lose her virginity, which she thinks would enable her to pass into the afterlife. In the bashful Bong-sun, she finds the ideal vessel for her amorous mishaps.

Bong-employer sun’s is the pompous celebrity chef Kang Sun-woo (played by Jo Jung-suk), with whom she has a hidden crush. Sun-woo hasn’t dated anybody since his college friend Lee So-hyung (Park Jung-ah), who is now a TV producer, shattered his heart.

Bong-personality sun’s changes when he is possessed, going from timid and bashful to vibrant and confident. As a result, she eventually attracts his attention. Meanwhile, Sun-brother-in-law, woo’s Choi Sung-jae (Lim Ju-hwan), a friendly police officer, is involved in the mystery surrounding Soon-murder. ae’s

3. Boys Over Flowers

best-korean-dramas-on-netflix 03
Best Korean Dramas on Netflix Feb 2022 – 7 Must-Watch Series 27

Boys Over Flowers is based on a Japanese shjo manga series of the same name about an ordinary girl from a working-class family who attends a fancy institution and is therefore regarded an outsider by the school’s population of affluent pupils.

After its leader discovers that she is the only female in the whole school who does not vie for his attention, she attracts the attention of the school’s richest group of students, known as the F4. His bullying puts her confidence to the test on a regular basis, eventually leading to a blossoming romance. Ku Hye-sun plays the headstrong main character in Boys Over Flowers. The principal guys and members of the F4 are Geum Jan-di, Lee Min-ho, and Kim Hyun-Joong.

The 25 episodes of the series were immensely successful in Korea and throughout Asia. The basic plot of an arrogant, popular, attractive male falling in love with a confident, slightly obstinate normal lady who has a difficult or confusing relationship with him is all too familiar, yet audiences all around the world enjoy it. Boys Over Flowers got good ratings wherever it was broadcast and is now available on Netflix.

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4. Romance is a Bonus Book

best-korean-dramas-on-netflix 04
Best Korean Dramas on Netflix Feb 2022 – 7 Must-Watch Series 28

Romance is an added bonus. Lee Jong-suk plays Cha Eun-ho, a successful novelist and senior editor at a book publishing business. He was involved in an accident as a youngster, but was rescued by Kang Dan-i (played by Lee Na-young). They grow up to be good friends.

After a great career as a copywriter, Dan-i is now a penniless and jobless single mother. In order to obtain employment, she lies about her qualifications and history and gets hired by the publishing business where Eun-ho works. While exploring their affections for one other, they each face professional and personal challenges.

5. Black

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Best Korean Dramas on Netflix Feb 2022 – 7 Must-Watch Series 29

Black follows Grim Reaper 444, a grim reaper who has taken over the body of Han Moo-gang, a detective (played by Song Seung-heon). Moo-gang is a detective who is looking into a 20-year-old serial murder cold case involving his brother’s death.

Kang Ha-ram (played by Go Ara), a clairvoyant who can predict the type and timing of people’s deaths, joins him in his investigation. Ha-ram decided to team up with Moo-gang in order to avoid his death, which she had predicted. Moo-gang is shot and killed while on duty, but after being possessed by Grim Reaper 444, he comes back to life. Grim Reaper 444, in contrast to the pleasant nature of the Moo-gang, is chilly and quick to wrath.

Given the difficulty of finding grim reapers who possess human bodies, Grim Reaper 444 teams up with Ha-ram to track down a runaway grim reaper. As Grim Reaper 444 falls in love with Ha-ram, which is banned by the grim reapers’ regulations, their relationship becomes increasingly difficult.

6. Stranger

best-korean-dramas-on-netflix 06
Best Korean Dramas on Netflix Feb 2022 – 7 Must-Watch Series 30

Stranger is a critically acclaimed and award-winning Korean courtroom drama. Cho Seung-woo plays Hwang Shi-Mok, a prosecutor who is emotionless as a result of a brain operation he had as a youngster. He has a strong sense of right and wrong, is chilly towards others, and is exceedingly logical.

He is teamed with Investigator Han Yeo-jin (Bae Doo-na), an effervescent detective who is still the team’s lone female detective. Their team works together to decipher a network of corruption and cover-ups spanning the police, corporate, and political sectors.

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Stranger deviates from the usual of K-dramas by focusing less on the romance between the main characters and more on the huge job that they face. Of course, there is romance, with Yeo-jin clearly smitten with Shi-Mok and another team member having a love on the prosecutor, but the show’s major allure is its cleverly conceived heroes, villains, and storylines.

At every turn, the villains looked to be a few steps ahead of the heroes, and they did everything they could to throw the heroes off the trail. Aside from the heroes’ performance and the narrative, critics praised the story’s well-written and played antagonists. The villains don’t suit the evil for the sake of evil cliché.

They’re really human, having personalities and reasons that underpin the acts they conduct throughout the plot.

Stranger was included among the greatest foreign shows in the New York Times’ Best Shows of 2017 list. It received multiple honors in Korea, including the Grand Prize for Television at the Baeksang Arts Awards.

It launched simultaneously in Korean on the tvN network and on Netflix on June 10, 2017, with Netflix allegedly paying $200,000 per episode for each of Stranger’s 16 episodes.

7. Cain and Abel

best-korean-dramas-on-netflix 07
Best Korean Dramas on Netflix Feb 2022 – 7 Must-Watch Series 31

This series is largely influenced by the biblical account of Cain and Abel, as the title suggests. So Jib-sub and Shin Hyun-joon play siblings Lee Cho-in and Lee Seon-woo in the Korean serial Cain and Abel.

Cho-in is a successful doctor, whereas Seon-woo feels resentment and malice against his brother, believing that Cho-in has taken everything he has ever treasured in his life, including their father’s affection and attention, the love of his life, and the ability to be a better doctor.

To create a behemoth of a twisting drama to watch, it mainly depends on conventional drama ingredients like betrayal, disease, adultery, disownment, and memory loss, among others.

Vagabond is an added bonus.

best-korean-dramas-on-netflix 08
Best Korean Dramas on Netflix Feb 2022 – 7 Must-Watch Series 32

Vagabond is a new Netflix drama starring Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy. The drama is mostly an action and conspiracy drama, with some romantic components among the major characters.

Seung-gi portrays a stuntman who lost his nephew in an aircraft accident during a political stunt. While attempting to determine who is responsible for the accident, he encounters Suzy (a NIS agent). They’re accompanied by a cast of colorful side characters.

Throughout the action, there will be several discoveries as well as twists and turns. Take a look at it on Netflix!

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