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In Genting Highlands, There Are 13 Things To Do (Updated 2021)

In Genting Highlands, There Are 13 Things To Do (Updated 2021)

Genting Highlands is one of Malaysia’s most famous tourist destinations. It is notable for being the only place in Malaysia with legal casinos, fantastic theme parks, and pleasant weather. Even though the new theme park is not yet open, there are plenty of things to do in Genting Highlands.

If you go to Genting right now, you’ll see that the outdoor theme park is closed. However, Skytropolis, an indoor theme park, is nearly complete.

They did, however, bring several new attractions, such as a new theme park hotel, Sky Avenue, a new retail and eating district, and the Genting Premium Outlets.

Check out some of Genting’s dining options.

In Genting Highlands, There Are 13 Things To Do (Updated 2021)
Here are some of the new and old attractions in Genting Highlands that you should check out.

1. Visit Gohtong Jaya

Genting Highlands 01
In Genting Highlands, There Are 13 Things To Do (Updated 2021) 40

You should certainly stop by Gohtong Jaya, a little settlement on the mountain, before traveling up to the Genting Highlands summit.

These days, Gohtong has a modern section with new eateries and lodging options.

The photo above shows the older area of Gohtong Jaya, which I usually visit before heading up.

There is a wide variety of food available, particularly Chinese cuisine. Ratha Raub Curry House, on the other hand, is where I love to enjoy my Indian breakfast.

It’s the spot to go if you’re a fan of roti canai and fish head curry.

Aside from that, the Yik Kee restaurant should have durian cakes and puffs available. You should also try their Sang Har noodles, which are delicious.

2. Shop at the Genting Premium Outlets

Genting Highlands 02
In Genting Highlands, There Are 13 Things To Do (Updated 2021) 41

The Genting Premium Outlets, which are identical to the Johor Premium Outlet and Melaka Premium Outlet, are located near Gohtong Jaya.

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There are many fashion labels there, and the premium stores are well-known for their bargains. You should be able to purchase a large number of reduced things.

If you want to shop in the chilly weather, you should definitely stop by this GPO. In my perspective, the weather alone outperforms the other luxury stores.

In addition, the view from here is breathtaking. At the very least, you should be able to view Awana Hotel.

This shop is only a few minutes away if you stay at the Awana Hotel.

3. Take a gamble at the casinos (SkyCasino)

Genting Highlands 03
In Genting Highlands, There Are 13 Things To Do (Updated 2021) 42

The casinos are as busy as ever, despite the fact that the outside theme park is still closed.

The majority of those who travel up the mountain do so to gamble in Malaysia’s sole legal casino.

The casino First World (and maybe another) has already shuttered its doors.

They constructed a new casino on Sky Avenue, and it is now by far the most popular.

The LED ceilings of the Sky Avenue casino’s interior are very impressive.

The image on the screen changes constantly and appears to be far more sophisticated than in previous casinos.

You’ll see giant LED screens all over the place outside the casino as well (like in the image above). They’re mostly advertising and the like.

When I arrived, they were holding a Football Fever competition.

4. Head on over to the indoor arcade

Genting Highlands 04
In Genting Highlands, There Are 13 Things To Do (Updated 2021) 43

Genting Highlands’ indoor arcade is still open for business.

In comparison to past years, they have new arcade games.

There are still a lot of video game machines around, and they’re very popular with the kids.

Genting Highlands 05
In Genting Highlands, There Are 13 Things To Do (Updated 2021) 44

On a weekday, there were few people playing these non-electronic games.

The electronic arcade games piqued the public’s curiosity the most.

5. Shop and dine at Sky Avenue

Genting Highlands 06
In Genting Highlands, There Are 13 Things To Do (Updated 2021) 45

Sky Avenue is Genting’s newest neighborhood, and it’s rather large.

No, it’s not as big as MidValley or 1Utama, but it’s still a lot bigger than First World was.

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They were able to secure the participation of some of the world’s most well-known restaurants, including Din Tai Fung and Burger & Lobster.

On the bottom floor, there is a street lined with restaurants and cafés. They also offer a number of dining options upstairs, including some that are outside on the top floor.

There’s one in the basement and one on the top floor if you’re searching for a food court (Malaysian Food Street).

When it comes to shopping, they have famous names like Esprit, H&M, Pandora, and Uniqlo.

6. Watch the Sky Symphony @ Sky Avenue

Genting Highlands 07
In Genting Highlands, There Are 13 Things To Do (Updated 2021) 46

Genting’s newest attraction, the Sky Symphony, is an hourly show that takes place just outside the Sky Avenue casino.

It’s essentially a ceiling display with lights and moving balls.

It appears to be linked to a tale on the LED screen.

The show is one-of-a-kind, yet it’s brief and doesn’t take up much time.

7. Buy 20th Century Fox merchandise

Genting Highlands 08
In Genting Highlands, There Are 13 Things To Do (Updated 2021) 47

The Fox World Studio Store is another unusual thing to do in Genting Highlands.

They’ve already opened their retail store as they wait for the 20th Century Fox Theme Park to open.

Clothing, purses, and other items typical of a retail shop are among the offerings.

The only difference is that each item is inspired by a Fox film, such as Rio, Planet of the Apes, or Ice Age.

8. Visit the Snow World

Genting Highlands 09
In Genting Highlands, There Are 13 Things To Do (Updated 2021) 48

If you think Genting isn’t chilly enough, pay a visit to Snow World.

It’s pretty much a limited space where you may play in the extremely chilly environment and experience artificial snow.

Because Genting doesn’t get snow, it can be a pleasant experience for you.

Even though most of the other First World attractions have closed to make way for new attractions, it is still open.

9. Watch a movie at IMAX Cinemas

You could become bored if you don’t gamble for religious or other reasons.

That is the time to see a film at the new Bona Cinemas IMAX.

Check it out because they have some of the most recent films.

10. Visit the Chin Swee Caves Temple

Genting Highlands 10
In Genting Highlands, There Are 13 Things To Do (Updated 2021) 49

The Chin Swee Caves Temple is easily accessible by road and is close to the Awana Skyway. You may get off at the temple station if you’re using the SkyWay cable car.

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It’s a 9-story pagoda with a 15-meter high Buddha statue that’s lighted by lighting (as per their website).

In addition, there are 10,000 ‘blessed lamps’ within.

11. Visit Skytropolis

Genting Highlands 11
In Genting Highlands, There Are 13 Things To Do (Updated 2021) 50

Skytropolis is the new indoor theme park section of First World, which replaced the previous one.

Although it isn’t finished at the time of writing, several of the rides are already accessible to the public.

They have rides that are comparable to those found in an outdoor theme park, such as a viking ship and a merry-go-round.

12. Check out The Void

Genting Highlands 12
In Genting Highlands, There Are 13 Things To Do (Updated 2021) 51

The Void is a virtual reality attraction that is located within Skytropolis.

At the time of writing, the attraction’s theme is Star Wars, and visitors may wander around using virtual reality headsets.

In virtual reality, you’ll be able to interact with the characters, and so on. I’ve never tasted it, so I can’t comment on how it tastes.

13. Simply appreciate the cool weather and take light strolls on Genting

Genting Highlands 13
In Genting Highlands, There Are 13 Things To Do (Updated 2021) 52

Many visitors visit Genting not just for the casinos, but also because of the cool weather.

Perhaps it’s best to simply savor the chilly weather, which is only available at high altitudes in Malaysia.

Cameron Highlands is another interesting location. Apart from the pollution caused by smokers, the air is fantastic.

There are a few small parks where you may take a leisurely stroll and take in the scenery.

In Genting Highlands, there are a variety of other things to do.
There are likely to be additional locations to visit and things to do in Genting that aren’t listed here.

Here are a few examples:

Strawberry picking at a strawberry farm.
The recently established Zouk club is a must-see.
To get to the top, take the Awana Skyway (cable car).
Investigate Fashion Forest.
The Honey Bee Farm is a must-see.
If you’re a visitor in Malaysia, you should go to Genting Highlands! This content is not sponsored in any form.

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