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The 15 Most Beautiful Disney Princesses (2022 Updated)

While Disney has developed a number of classic characters for film and television, we believe the Disney Princesses are the most beautiful. Children and adults alike are enthralled by tales of pure love, female empowerment (we hear you, Mulan), and the ultimate triumph of good over evil.

These Disney women have acted as role models for every developing youngster over the years. Here’s our list of the greatest Disney princesses of all time, along with a brief summary of their happily ever afters.

The Top 15 Most Beautiful Disney Princesses

1. The Little Mermaid – Ariel

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The 15 Most Beautiful Disney Princesses (2022 Updated) 46

We all know Ariel as a brave and inquisitive young mermaid who has always been captivated by life on earth and the opportunity to be a part of “your” world. Take a look at her extensive collection of trinkets, gadgets, and gizmos in the film.

However, she can be rash and rash at times, like as when she gives Ursula, the sea witch evil, her gorgeous voice. Of course, it’s all for the sake of real love. In the end, she learnt her lesson, regained her voice, reconciled with her father, and ultimately accepted herself for who or what she truly is. By the way, she also ended up with Prince Eric.

2. Belle – Beauty and the Beast

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The 15 Most Beautiful Disney Princesses (2022 Updated) 47

Belle was a bit of a tomboy in her own right. Belle was going around, borrowing books and assisting her father with his inventions back when women were expected to stay at home, clean, and make their husbands happy. She was intelligent, brave, and had a strong personality. She was dubbed “mad” by others in the area. She had ambitions that weren’t cut out for the rural existence in the Disney film.

We admire Belle’s ability to see past other people’s imperfections. Take, for example, the Beast. He wasn’t simply hideous in appearance; he was also cruel, harsh, and unrefined.

But, in the end, Belle’s love and acceptance changed him. Lumiere and Cogsworth, for example, were two of the greatest sidekicks in the movie.

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3. Anna – Frozen

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The 15 Most Beautiful Disney Princesses (2022 Updated) 48

Princess Anna (now Queen) of Arendelle, the eternal optimist, teaches us something that is frequently missed in today’s fast-paced world: family is everything. For years, Anna was overlooked by Elsa (who was also dealing with her own monsters) after they lost their parents.

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Anna continued to mend her friendship with her sister despite being kept out and even publically humiliated. She was prepared to give her life for the sake of her family, which she feels is worth fighting for until the end.

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4. Rapunzel – Tangled

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The 15 Most Beautiful Disney Princesses (2022 Updated) 49

Rapunzel is far from the despondent girl you’d anticipate, despite being secluded in a supposedly towering tower with an unstable mother, a sneaky chameleon, and her ridiculously long golden hair for companionship. She, on the other hand, is vivacious and enthusiastic.

Rapunzel was looking forward to the start of her life. As luck would have it, Flynn Rider came upon her, and after beating him with a frying pan, they set out to see the “light” (for a price, of course). All’s well that ends well, too, for it was eventually revealed in the film that she was the long-lost princess of the Corona island kingdom.

5. Jasmine – Aladdin

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The 15 Most Beautiful Disney Princesses (2022 Updated) 50

As the Sultan of Agrabah’s daughter, Jasmine was kept safe behind the palace gates and was not allowed to leave. Although Jasmine adored her adoring father in the film, there is only so much an autonomous and astute princess can do to aid her realm.

She was adamant about not partaking in the ludicrous behaviors. As a result, there is the rare outburst of dissent. Princess Jasmine encountered Aladdin, the street mouse, on one of her travels outside the palace. When Aladdin showed her the world, love developed, and the rest is history.

6. Mulan

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The 15 Most Beautiful Disney Princesses (2022 Updated) 51

Fa Mulan, the ideal embodiment of female empowerment. Despite her mother’s continuous reminders to act like a sophisticated woman, this Disney “princess” is brave and badass, exhibiting her strength and wit. She had a lot of personality. Mulan stepped in for her wounded war veteran father when he was ordered to defend China once more, unknown to her family.

She disguised herself as a man named Ping in the film and trained with the males (gender equality, people), eventually becoming the class’s star. Mulan gained glory to her family by assisting Shan Yu in defeating him with her fast thinking.

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7. Tiana – Princess and the Frog

Most Beautiful Disney Princesses 07
The 15 Most Beautiful Disney Princesses (2022 Updated) 52

Tiana is the first African-American Disney Princess to appear on screen, making her one of the most well-known princesses of all time. She began as a dedicated waiter who aspired to build her own restaurant and share her late father’s recipes with others. She was almost there when Prince Naveen of Maldonia arrived.

When the playboy prince was transformed into a frog, he sought Tiana’s assistance in reversing the transformation. Because Tiana was not a princess, the magical curse became stronger, and they both turned into frogs. The pair in the film had to face a number of challenges. However, falling in love along the road was unavoidable.

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8. Merida – Brave

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The 15 Most Beautiful Disney Princesses (2022 Updated) 53

Princess Merida is a fiery Scottish redhead princess who appears in the film Brave as a fearless, headstrong, and resourceful protagonist. Queen Elinor intended her daughter to grow up to be a perfect royal lady, but Merida was the polar opposite of her mother. Merida loved going on “rucksack” expeditions with her horse, Angus, and bringing her bow and arrow with her.

She was a talented archer, according to the account, even better than most of the kingdom’s troops or the suitors who begged for her hand in marriage. Merida’s rashness disrupted her mother’s relationship, but it was she who discovered a way to restore their pride-torn link.

9. Cinderella

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The 15 Most Beautiful Disney Princesses (2022 Updated) 54

Cinderella was one of the most well-known and iconic Disney princesses of all time, and she was kind, cheerful, and upbeat. Oh, and did we mention that you are an animal lover? Cinderella was forced to serve her nasty stepmother and ugly stepsisters when her father died.

Cinderella is either cooking in the kitchen or washing the floors in the Disney picture. Cinderella met her prince with the assistance of her fairy godmother (and the glass slippers, of course), and they lived happily ever after.

10. Snow White

Most Beautiful Disney Princesses 10
The 15 Most Beautiful Disney Princesses (2022 Updated) 55

Snow White was thought to be the girl with snow-white complexion and rose-red lips. These traits made her stepmother/Evil Queen envious of her attractiveness to the point where she wished the character killed. Snow White was saved from death by the mercenary hired by the Queen, who led her to the seven dwarfs who welcomed her to their home.

However, the narrative does not stop there, as the Queen eventually discovered Snow White hiding in the forest. She pretended to be an elderly woman and presented the cursed red apple to the little girl. Snow White was supposed to be dead until true love’s kiss awoke her.

11. Princess Aurora – Sleeping Beauty

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The 15 Most Beautiful Disney Princesses (2022 Updated) 56

Princess Aurora, or Briar Rose, as her “aunts” called her, is another Disney princess who was awakened by true love’s kiss. Aurora was first perceived as a naïve, quiet, yet smart young girl, which might be due to her upbringing in a secluded environment.

After the villain Maleficent cursed her as an infant, Princess Aurora was handed to fairies. Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, her fairy “aunts,” constantly reminded her of the number one rule: never talk to strangers. Aurora, on the other hand, was immediately captivated to Prince Phillip when she met him.

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Who is your favorite Disney villain, according to you?

12. Moana

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The 15 Most Beautiful Disney Princesses (2022 Updated) 57

There’s no telling how far Moana can travel with her passion for adventure and the waters. Her grandma described her as a “standout” among the gathering. She was required to act calmly as the Village Chief’s daughter, as she would ultimately take over the duties. While Moana attempted to appear like a respectable chief-in-training at first, the thought of voyaging tormented her mind.

She had to act since the town was still suffering from a shortage of resources. Moana concentrated her concentration on the search after learning that the ocean had chosen her to heal Te Fiti’s heart. Her love for her parents, the people of Motunui, and her goal of voyaging drove her to persevere in the face of adversity.

13. Pocahontas

Most Beautiful Disney Princesses 13
The 15 Most Beautiful Disney Princesses (2022 Updated) 58

Pocahontas is the free-spirited daughter of Chief Powhatan, a Native American tribe’s leader. She is self-sufficient, resourceful, and open-minded to the extent where she befriended an Englishman called John Smith, against her father’s explicit prohibition.

Pocahontas’ relationship with John Smith grew into love, much to her father’s chagrin. The disparity between settlers’ and indigenous’ customs and morals nearly destroyed her house. Pocahontas brought harmony and peace to the area before any conflict could take place because of her love for John.

14. Elsa – Frozen

Most Beautiful Disney Princesses 14
The 15 Most Beautiful Disney Princesses (2022 Updated) 59

Elsa began her life as a princess, but after her parents perished in a tragic accident, she was thrust into the role of Disney queen at an early age. Elsa was born with the ability to control ice and snow, something her family was first pleased of. When Elsa’s strength caused Anna’s accident, however, she was afraid that her abilities might kill the people she cared about. In the film, she was kept isolated for most of her childhood by her parents, losing out on a lot of opportunities.

Elsa’s fears would eventually overwhelm her as she struggled to manage her abilities. She withdrew far into the forest to safeguard her sister and the kingdom, where she could live alone indefinitely. With Princess Anna’s assistance,

15. Vanellope Von Schweetz – Wreck-It Ralph

Most Beautiful Disney Princesses 15
The 15 Most Beautiful Disney Princesses (2022 Updated) 60

Vanellope, a chatty and lively kart-racer in the candy-coated game Sugar Rush, is known as someone with a glitch. She refers to herself as the “princess” of Candy Land since she is one of the best racers in the tournament.

With her infantile sense of humor and overly exuberant temperament, she frequently acts like an average youngster in the film. Let’s throw in the word “annoying” for good measure. Underneath those childlike antics, though, is a darling, as seen by her one-of-a-kind connection with Ralph.

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