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Recap And Explanation For Netflix’s The Silent Sea (Updated 2022)

The Silent Sea

The Silent Sea, a new Netflix original series from South Korea, is another intriguing show.

Season 1 has a total of eight episodes, and we don’t know if there will be a season 2.

Following the conclusion of The Silent Sea, here is an explanation of significant story aspects.

Recap at the end

The Silent Sea 01
Recap And Explanation For Netflix's The Silent Sea (Updated 2022) 16

Here’s a quick rundown of The Silent Sea and what it’s about. It takes place in the future, when the world is faced with a scarcity of water. Citizens are only allowed limited quantities of water based on their socioeconomic status. Many people have perished as a result of a shortage of clean water, and their objective is to discover a solution, which they believe will be found on the moon.

A crew of 117 astronauts was stationed on the moon’s Balhae Lunar Research Station five years before the events of this narrative. Dr. Song Won-kyung, Song Ji-sister, an’s was in charge of the team. She was killed in a car accident on the Balhae station five years ago.

Song Ji-an (Bae Doona) is an astrobiologist who is invited to join a mission to rescue particular samples from Balhae station before it is shut down in the present day. Captain Han (played by Gong-yoo) is the captain of the expedition, which has a total of eleven personnel. Director Choi’s main duty is to simply collect the samples and depart. Ji-an, on the other hand, has her own objective, which includes discovering the truth about what happened on the station as well as tracking down Luna, as ordered by her sister through a hidden file.

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When they arrived at the station, they realized that the accident had nothing to do with the radioactive leak that Director Choi had described. One of the members was also slain when he came into touch with Lunar Water and drowned from his own body.

Almost every member of the group perished at the end of the novel, either through Lunar Water, gunfire, or Luna herself. Two traitors were also on the crew, working undercover for the Resource Exploration for Space Mining and Planetary Development (short for RX).

Dr. Song Ji-an and Dr. Hong, as well as Luna, were eventually rescued by the backup vessel.

Is Captain Han still alive?

Captain Han most likely perished at the end of the episode, as portrayed. He sacrificed himself to start airlock depressurization when the chamber was giving an erroneous warning. Unfortunately, he was eventually assaulted by massive volumes of Lunar Water.

The Silent Sea 02
Recap And Explanation For Netflix's The Silent Sea (Updated 2022) 17

Due to the water pressure, he was later forced out of the station. Luna then approached him and attempted to return the badge she had taken. Captain Han, on the other hand, was unable to accept the badge since he was already dying, although he did witness Luna breathe in space without a suit. She was most likely a reminder of his daughter and the commitment he had made to her.

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Han’s suit eventually lost its potency, and he perished as a result.

Who’s Luna?

The Silent Sea 03
Recap And Explanation For Netflix's The Silent Sea (Updated 2022) 18

Dr. Song Won-kyung and her team created several clones, including Luna. They utilized Luna clones to test the Lunar Water because cloning was forbidden. The Lunar Water killed all except one of them.

Luna 073, which implies she’s the 73rd clone, was the only one that survived.

What is the purpose of the Lunar Water / sample?

Lunar Water (also known as the sample) is most likely water found on the moon, although we don’t know how it was retrieved.

Although it looks and feels a lot like water on Earth, it’s exceedingly harmful and has a few tiny changes, such as the freezing point of the water.

Lunar Water may easily kill a human, as seen multiple times in the play. The person will become sick if the water gets into his eyes or other sensitive areas. When the water comes into touch with blood or other bodily fluids, it multiplies inside the body.

As a result of the water building up inside the body, the individual drowns and dies. When a human dies, the water stops growing.

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What is the RX group’s name?

Resource Exploration for Space Mining and Planetary Development (RX) appears to be causing concerns for governments all around the planet. They were also dubbed a “resource mafia” by one of the members.

They infiltrated the squad by sending two individuals, one of whom is a co-pilot, and the other of whom is Ryu Tae-suk, the head engineer. We don’t know who’s behind RX, but if a second season is created, we could find out.

What exactly was Director Choi’s mission?

The Silent Sea 04
Recap And Explanation For Netflix's The Silent Sea (Updated 2022) 19

Choi had a different purpose than Dr. Song Ji-an, who wanted to explore the space station and learn how her sister perished.

She was aware of the Lunar Water event and directed the crew to simply recover the samples. They want to hide the whole thing because it would raise a major commotion. They also desired the Lunar Water for future research.

Who was it that saved the survivors?

The Silent Sea 05
Recap And Explanation For Netflix's The Silent Sea (Updated 2022) 20

We see a space ship heading down for Dr. Song, Dr. Hong, and Luna at the close of episode 8. All we know is that Mr. Kim dispatched one spacecraft, while the RX group dispatched another to gather the samples.
Only one of these should be chosen. Because the government’s ship was aware of the RX’s role, it’s plausible that the RX ship was destroyed by it.

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