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The Best Anime Villains Of All Time [Updated 2021]

Every great anime story has its own set of conflicts. It might be a conflict of interest, a clash of ideas, a test of strength, or a test of intelligence. As a result, anime villains emerge to represent these tensions and give the plot greater depth.

We may despise some of them to some level, but villains also deserve some respect. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of The Best Anime Villains Of All Time who have best performed the evil character.

1. Ainz Ooal Gown (Overlord)

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The Best Anime Villains Of All Time [Updated 2021] 31

The anime follows an ordinary person trapped in a gaming world where all NPCs and monsters have developed awareness and built civilizations. In a world filled with NPCs who could think and feel like real-life humans, he became his max level zombie character.

Despite being an overpowered undead, Ainz fights to retain his reputation among his so-called offspring (Nazarick NPCs), fearing that losing their respect will lead to them losing respect for the guild.

He doesn’t want to rule the world; all he wants to do is provide a safe haven for his children before he exits the game.

In the end, Ainz isn’t such an awful man. He was just pushed into the evil character due to a variety of factors. It’s entertaining to witness his character go from a salaryman to an undead overlord.

He’s one of those villains who may be listed among the most amusing. He should not, however, be underestimated as a villain, since he is capable of wiping entire armies only to display his might.

2. Light Yagami (Death Note)

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The Best Anime Villains Of All Time [Updated 2021] 32

The anime was a huge hit at the time, and it was a unique concept for a Shonen Jump series. The animation is still regarded as a classic decades later.

The series’ protagonist and antagonist are both Light. Not only did Light’s philosophical views and exceptional intelligence make him a renowned villain. He demonstrated how ultimate power can transform a person in today’s culture.

Light gets his hands on a notepad that can murder anyone who writes in it. Light resolved to utilize it to carry out his ideal sort of justice after seeing its power. One that entails the assassination of law-breaking offenders or the death penalty. His assassination spree drew the attention of an eccentric genius investigator known only as L, who portrayed a hero pursuing justice.

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The character of Light was designed to be as authentic as possible. Someone with whom you can sympathize and possibly even have a similar attitude. Some may have despised him at one time or another, but we all know how eager we were to see how he would elude arrest.

In reality, anyone in a position of power will be prepared to break the law in order to carry out their goals. It’s only a matter of having the appropriate instinct at the right time.

3. Blackbeard (One Piece)

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The Best Anime Villains Of All Time [Updated 2021] 33

One of the most crucial roles of a villain is to add complexity to the plot, and Blackbeard gets credit for this.

Let’s look at everything that has transpired as a result of his villainy. His plans in Marineford sparked the “War of the Best,” which set in motion a major sequence of events in the plot. Because of his treason, both Portgas D. Ace and Whitebeard, the fiercest pirate alive, died.

After the combat, both Sengoku and Garp resigned from their jobs. This might possibly be attributed to Aokiji’s departure from the marines. Most notably, the events of this battle were the catalyst for the Strawhats’ 2-year time jump.

Blackbeard isn’t the wisest or toughest of pirates. But we owe him a debt of gratitude for many of the fantastic events of the series.

4. Dio Brando (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Best Anime Villains Of All Time 04
The Best Anime Villains Of All Time [Updated 2021] 34

You’d identify Dio from the memes even if you hadn’t seen the anime. If you watched it, you already know that this jerk is wicked and deserving of a pounding.

As a human, Dio was already cruel. He intended to poison his adoptive father over time while stealing JoJo’s fortune. He even snatched JoJo’s childhood love and kicked JoJo’s dog, who was merely trying to play with him.

When he transformed into a vampire, his dark heart and ambition became even stronger. Dio switched his focus away from the inheritance and toward world dominance.

Dio possesses all of the characteristics of a Shonen villain. He possesses the vigor and energy of a vampire. He possesses both intelligence and charisma. He’s surrounded by a coterie of vampires and superhuman beings that both fear and admire him. Later in the book, he obtains the ability to pause time and utilizes it to torture his adversaries physically and psychologically.

5. Frieza (Dragon Ball)

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The Best Anime Villains Of All Time [Updated 2021] 35

Throughout the series, Goku was confronted against a slew of formidable foes. Sure, battles between Broly and Jiren were great, and fans could speak about them for a long time. However, only Frieza may be called the genuine anti-Saiyan of all the villains featured in the series.

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Frieza demolished Planet Vegeta and nearly wiped off the whole Saiyan species. This type of terrible blood can’t be fixed, especially for Vegeta. When you consider how much Frieza despises Goku, there will be no peace for Saiyans as long as Frieza is alive.

Frieza is also one of the few villains in the Dragonball Z series that can keep up with the Saiyan’s ability to change and increase his power. Don’t forget about Frieza’s habit of blowing up planets for fun or as a desperate move.

6. The Major (Hellsing)

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The Best Anime Villains Of All Time [Updated 2021] 36

Imagine a high-ranking Nazi who survived World War II and returned decades later with a supernatural army under his command. The Major’s aim, on the other hand, goes beyond the Nazis’ original purpose. His goal is to enslave the entire planet in a never-ending cycle of violence.

The Major is a brilliant strategist with an insatiable need for blood, capable of murdering millions of people for the sheer pleasure of it. He is both calculated and manipulative, capable of making everything dance in his palms. All of his efforts and years of planning were devoted exclusively to his passion for warfare. For the sake of making combat more decorative, he can sacrifice his entire army and even himself.

The Major is significantly more than the personification of evil. He is a sadomasochistic psychopath.

7. Uchiha Madara (Naruto)

Best Anime Villains Of All Time 07
The Best Anime Villains Of All Time [Updated 2021] 37

If you were to select an anime villain, this guy would most likely be at the top of your list. Uchiha Madara is an anime villain that is as badass as they come.

He possesses strength, intelligence, fashion sense, and principles. Despite having previously lost to Hashirama, he returned during the third ninja war and showed himself to be the most powerful ninja in history.

Madara possesses the Rinnengan and is capable of creating an illusion of the entire universe. Edo Tensei rendered him unkillable. He was the most powerful ninja on the battlefield, therefore no one could seal him.

Naruto technically never defeated him since the battle we’ve been waiting for since Shippuden began never took place.

8. Sosuke Aizen (Bleach)

Best Anime Villains Of All Time 08
The Best Anime Villains Of All Time [Updated 2021] 38

On a villain’s to-do list, betrayals are frequent, yet no one does it better than Aizen. The narrative of the anime centred around his plots for the most part.

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He’s the finest machiavellian villain in anime, capable of plotting for generations if necessary. He’s always one step ahead of everyone else and never loses his calm. Everything is calculated for him and falls inside his parameters.

With god-tier powers and a smart intellect, Aizen can outfight and overcome anybody. Aizen was designed to be impenetrable.

9. Griffith (Berserk)

Best Anime Villains Of All Time 09
The Best Anime Villains Of All Time [Updated 2021] 39

Griffith’s heart is full of humanity’s twisted, hideous, and unpleasant aspect. On the other hand, you’ll like how complex his character is and how well-crafted his complete evil persona is. This person’s depravity is unredeemable. Griffith is the type of person who will go to any length to obtain what he wants.

By sacrificing the lives of his colleagues as well as his humanity, he was able to achieve Godhood. In front of him, he raped the protagonist’s pregnant wife to the point that the kid was physically malformed. Seriously? To get hard in that situation, you’d have to be a very weird individual. Those who are familiar with this villain’s backstory know that he is on his way to a horrible demise. Seeing Griffith in action is a terrifyingly traumatic event.

The thing that irritates me the most about him is that he managed to persuade the entire world that he was a savior.

10. Johan Liebert (Monster)

Best Anime Villains Of All Time 10
The Best Anime Villains Of All Time [Updated 2021] 40

Johan does not disappoint as a villain in an anime with that title. His mental process is very frightening, and you will not be able to comprehend it. Despite the fact that the anime is set in a realistic world, Johan’s ability to plot and control others is magical.

He persuaded a group of students and people with military training to murder each other. He may also persuade others to commit suicide. That’s just a fancy way of saying he’s got a huge list of individuals he’s personally killed. He was so evil that a gang of Nazi followers wants him to resurrect the organization as the new Adolf Hitler.

Johan’s charm and intelligence enable him to go under people’s skin and accomplish anything he wants. He has the option of killing you, allowing you to survive till he becomes bored, or convincing you to trust him with your life. Your life is no longer yours to chose at that time.

tl;dr; nbsp; nbsp; n
It’s sometimes the awful in an anime that makes it wonderful. Without antagonists, a tale becomes boring and eventually becomes a cycle of monotony.

Which villain do you believe should be in the top ten?

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