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There are 13 shows similar to Black Mirror that you can watch right now.

Nothing comes close to the success of Black Mirror. Bandersnatch, with its four seasons and choose-your-own-adventure movies, transports viewers to bizarre, frightening regions that make them doubt mankind.

Although each episode of Black Mirror is self-contained, the worlds are often intertwined. They’re typically set in the not-too-distant future and are always odd. The majority of the episodes have a somber tone to them, although there is also some comedy.

When you’ve finished watching Black Mirror and have exhausted all of the possibilities in Bandersnatch, here are some series to tide you over till the next season is published.

13. Inside No. 9

 similar to Black Mirror 01
There are 13 shows similar to Black Mirror that you can watch right now. 34

Inside No. 9 could be for you if you appreciate dark and twisted programs but want something milder than Black Mirror.
The anthology Inside No. 9 is a dark comedy. It will keep you wondering what the goal of each episode is until the very end, when everything comes together and makes sense, although in a strange manner.

12. 3%

 similar to Black Mirror 02
There are 13 shows similar to Black Mirror that you can watch right now. 35

In Sao Paolo, the percentage is set at 3%. It’s set in a poor future where individuals from the Inland strive for a chance to join the privileged 3% of the population who live in a paradise known as Offshore.

This program is in Portuguese, but English subtitles or dubbing are available. Candidates must pass a series of examinations to see if they have what it takes to join the 3%. We can see that certain people will go to any length to go ahead in the selecting process.

We learn that a revolt is brewing and that someone has been sent to infiltrate the Offshore. 3 percent depicts a bleak future in which humanity’s core values are questioned.

11. The OA

 similar to Black Mirror 03
There are 13 shows similar to Black Mirror that you can watch right now. 36

A lady who has been missing for seven years emerges with new talents and many unresolved concerns. She returns with memories of her previous existence, but her attention is drawn to something else about which viewers are given little information. She refers to herself as the OA instead of Prairie, which was her name before she went away.

She was blind before she went missing, but she has regained her sight. She becomes connected with a local adolescent, offering to assist him with certain issues in exchange for his assisting her with others. As a result, she begins to recruit individuals for a bizarre and hidden mission that she need assistance with. We learn more about who she is and what her life has been like as time goes on.

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One thing this program has in common with Black Mirror is that each episode leaves a lot of issues unresolved. If you like being left wondering, you’ll want to keep watching the OA to learn more about her and her disappearance.

The OA is a dark, perplexing program with science fiction themes, similar to Black Mirror.

10. Russian Doll

 similar to Black Mirror 04
There are 13 shows similar to Black Mirror that you can watch right now. 37

Russian Doll is a bizarre, perplexing dark comedy in which a lady called Nadia dies and then relives her death day (her birthday) over and over again.

She attempts to figure out what’s causing her to experience the same day over and over again, but she runs into a lot of problems along the road.

Russian Doll is less serious than Black Mirror, yet it has a sense of weirdness and horror, and it is unpredictable.

9. Travelers

 similar to Black Mirror 05
There are 13 shows similar to Black Mirror that you can watch right now. 38

The travelers take over the bodies of those who are about to die. Over time, we discover that these travelers are from a post-apocalyptic future who are traveling back in time to save civilization from collapsing.

Travelers will attempt to take over their hosts’ life via social media and other information, with no one recognizing anything has changed.

The program begins with five people being taken over as they approach their death date. We learn a little about each person’s life and watch as the passengers strive to adjust while also looking for one another.

The show is odd, a little dystopian, and viewers are left attempting to piece together the bits of information they are offered throughout the episodes, much like Black Mirror.

8. Glitch

 similar to Black Mirror 06
There are 13 shows similar to Black Mirror that you can watch right now. 39

Glitch is set in the imaginary town of Yoorana, Victoria (Australia), when seven individuals appear out of nowhere. They were discovered after crawling out of their graves, and no one knows why or how.

James Hayes is a cop who tracks them down and has a link to one of the persons who comes back to life. He attempts to keep this a secret while looking for answers as to what may have caused this.

It’s a bizarre, gloomy tale that leaves the audience guessing as to what’s going on.

7. The Leftovers

The Leftovers is the narrative of a society in which 2% of the population (about 140 million people) mysteriously vanished one day.

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We then fast forward three years, and we discover that individuals are still dealing with the loss and uncertainty caused by the “Sudden Departure.”

The narrative depicts Kevin Garvey, the police chief, and a number of people who were severely touched by the events of that day. Since the Sudden Departure, we can observe that many groups have developed.

The Guilty Remnant is one such group. This organization is made up of persons who swear a silent pledge and dress in all white. Their goal isn’t readily apparent.

Another is a cult led by Holy Wayne, who claims to be able to relieve people of their loneliness and burdens.

The Leftovers, like Black Mirror, depicts a dismal future that is perplexing to viewers.

6. Residue

 similar to Black Mirror 07
There are 13 shows similar to Black Mirror that you can watch right now. 40

Residue is a Netflix-exclusive British miniseries. It stars a number of well-known actors. The drama is set in a futuristic metropolis where an explosion kills hundreds of people and forces the surrounding region to be quarantined.

The general populace has no clue what triggered the explosion or what its consequences may be. The government seems to know more than they are revealing.

Viewers observe a weird black fluid pouring out of walls around the quarantine area, taking over individuals and compelling them to perform awful things in the first episode.

This program, like Black Mirror, is dark and vaguely dystopian, and it keeps viewers wondering.

5. Altered Carbon

 similar to Black Mirror 08
There are 13 shows similar to Black Mirror that you can watch right now. 41

Altered Carbon is a science fiction series set in a bleak future 300 years in the future, in which people’s memories and awareness may be kept in a stack and then transferred to a sleeve. A sleeve is either a human or synthetic body. In principle, people may transfer their consciousness several times, allowing them to live indefinitely.

Because the procedure of transferring your awareness to a new sleeve is so costly, only the wealthy can live for a very long time. Takeshi Kovacs is a guy who was hired for his particular skill set after being placed in a new sleeve for the job in Altered Carbon. He’s been recruited to investigate a murder.

Kristen Ortega, a formidable police lieutenant with certain secrets to keep concealed, is also introduced.

4. Mr. Robot

 similar to Black Mirror 09
There are 13 shows similar to Black Mirror that you can watch right now. 42

Mr. Robot follows Elliot Alderson, a cybersecurity expert who moonlights as a hacker. He is depressed and socially anxious, and he self-medicates to cope with his problems.

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Due to paranoia and delusions, he often questions if what he is experiencing is genuine.

His efforts and hacking talents catch the attention of a gang of hacktivists who want to take down a major firm in order to have a significant influence on global capitalism. Mr. Robot, the group’s leader, calls himself Mr. Robot.

Mr. Robot, like Black Mirror, is a drama that keeps viewers guessing and exhibits disgust for today’s society, spotlighting some of the world’s injustices.

3. Humans

 similar to Black Mirror 10
There are 13 shows similar to Black Mirror that you can watch right now. 43

Humans is a science fiction program focused on the idea of artificial intelligence and how it may evolve into something more than simply machines. Synthetics (sometimes known as “synths”) are widely bought and used by individuals all over the globe.

They seem to be extraordinarily realistic, with only their vivid green eyes indicating that they are not human. We discover that certain synthesizers have evolved into something other than what they were designed to be.

Some of the special synths have joined together in an attempt to break free from their existence of slavery, and some humans have sided with them. Humans explores how technology may evolve and effect civilization in the future.

2. Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams

 similar to Black Mirror 11
There are 13 shows similar to Black Mirror that you can watch right now. 44

The anthology series Electric Dreams is based on the books of Philip K. Dick. It’s a thought-provoking future sci-fi program with self-contained episodes.

Telepaths, space travel, time travel, artificial intelligence, and much more are all included in the program. Each program is self-contained, but that doesn’t imply that each narrative will be nicely wrapped up with all of your questions addressed.

1. Westworld

Westworld is a science fiction western television series about a future theme park where people may connect with artificial “hosts” and live out their dreams.

Guests spend a significant number of money to be able to travel wherever and do anything they want with incredibly lifelike robots. For many of them, this entails rape and murder. Humans can’t harm hosts in Westworld, but hosts can hurt humans. They have the appearance and feel like people, and they even bleed.

Some of the robots in Westworld begin to malfunction, and researchers must figure out what is causing the issues. Viewers may witness how a robot in the park is beginning to doubt their own existence.

The program is dark and twisted, and it makes you wonder about human morals and society’s future.

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