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Under $300, the Top 14 Best Automatic Watches

Best Automatic Watches

Among males, a watch is seen as a symbol of financial success and prestige. Corporate men display their individual taste and elegance by wearing high-end brand watches.

Depending on the features and brand, men’s watches can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a million dollars.

However, for about $300, you may acquire a nice and sober watch to fit your taste.

Here are some of the greatest automatic watches under $300 that you can buy.

Under $300, the Top 14 Best Automatic Watches

1. Orient Mako II Automatic Men’s Watch with Japanese Analog Display

Best Automatic Watches01
Under $300, the Top 14 Best Automatic Watches 37

Orient is a well-known brand among watch enthusiasts. If you’re seeking for a stylish timepiece at a reasonable price, Orient’s Mako II is your best choice. Its water-resistant housing and Japanese movement make it an excellent choice for water sports enthusiasts.

Mako II is a major hit among its competitors because to an improved unidirectional bezel and mineral crystals, as well as a stainless steel band. Let’s take a look at some of the key characteristics of Orient’s Mako II.

Unidirectional mineral crystal bezel with 120 press
Japanese-automatic movement of the highest quality
Without the crown, the case is 5mm in diameter.
Water-resistant housing that’s ideal for water sports and maritime activities.

2. Tissot Tradition White Dial Two Tone

Best Automatic Watches 02
Under $300, the Top 14 Best Automatic Watches 38

Any wristwatch fanatic would find it difficult to overlook Tissot’s outstanding and best-selling men’s timepiece. A two-toned bracelet connects to a silver casing with gold hands and index markers.

Its water-resistant casing and stainless steel fixed bezel make it a reliable companion for your active lifestyle. Let’s take a look at some of this timeless beauty’s wonderful qualities.

Swiss Quartz Movement for Accurate Readings in Tissot’s Tradition Collection
The casing has a diameter of 42mm and is water-resistant.
Sapphire crystal that is antireflective and scratch-resistant

3. Invicta 0075 Men’s Watch

Best Automatic Watches 03
Under $300, the Top 14 Best Automatic Watches 39

The 0075 from Invicta is a stunning gold-plated masterpiece with a stainless steel case. With its display of golden hands and numbers, it provides its lovers a sumptuous feeling.

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Surprisingly, you won’t have to shell out a lot of dollars to get your hands on this gem. It will set you back a little more than $100.

Its operating capacity is further enhanced by the rotating bezel with a driver’s scale. The brilliant green dial on the 0075 has gold accents and figures.

Here are a some of Invicta 0075’s amazing features:

A lovely green dial is housed in a circular casing.
Stainless steel with a gold plating
Quartz movement and analog display
Grip clasp that folds over

4. Timex Marlin Automatic Men’s Watch

Best Automatic Watches 04
Under $300, the Top 14 Best Automatic Watches 40

The Merlin automated timepiece from Timex is a wonderful blend of a contemporary case and a traditional leather band. For watch collectors, its sleek, smart, and stylish design is eye candy.

In addition, the leather strap keeps the watch light and provides a secure grip. Its analog display’s golden hands move automatically for exact results. Because of its timeless and excellent designs, this lovely watch will set you back less than $300.

Let’s have a look at the amazing characteristics of this timeless masterwork timepiece.

Elegant, refined, and timeless design
Casing made of stainless steel
Leather strap with a metal buckle that may be adjusted
Automatically moving three-hand analog display
The dial has gold accents, such as gold-tone hands and markings, a date window, and a minute track.
The 100-foot water-resistance capability
Case 40 mm in height and breadth

5. Nokia Smart Watch

Best Automatic Watches 05
Under $300, the Top 14 Best Automatic Watches 41

For watch enthusiasts, the Nokia smartwatch is a nice surprise. It allows you to enjoy both the smart and classic qualities of a wristwatch.

In an executive-style Withings Nokia Smartwatch, you can access all of the hi-tech smart tech capabilities. Let’s take a closer look at this masterpiece and see what it has to offer.

Daily activities like as steps per day, walking, running, and swimming are tracked 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A brief history of calorie burning in an event is also helpful.
Sleep cycle analysis and quiet alarm, as well as Smart Wake-Up mode, are used to wake up the user at the best time.
Stainless steel, silicone sport strap, and chrome hands are all high-quality materials.
The Nokia Health Mate app uses automatic synchronization to assess the latest trends and data on your smartphone.
Up to an 8-month battery life

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6. Seiko Dress Analog Blue Dial Men’s Watch

Best Automatic Watches 06
Under $300, the Top 14 Best Automatic Watches 42

A Seiko wristwatch watch is a must-have for every watch collection. Seiko has earned the reputation of being a trustworthy brand among watch enthusiasts.

When Seiko releases a wristwatch, watch aficionados know it’s going to be something special. The Seiko Automatic Dive Watch is reasonably priced at less than $300.

It’s a straightforward wristwatch with less functions. Under $300, its deep blue dial with metallic hands and hour markings is undeniably appealing.

Let’s take a closer look at this amazing watch.

Display made with hardex glass
Metallic band in silver.
10 meter analog display with Quartz movement Resistant to Water

7. Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s Wristwatch 

Best Automatic Watches 07
Under $300, the Top 14 Best Automatic Watches 43

Victorinox’s I.N.O.X wristwatch series is one of the most well-known among wristwatch collectors. The shiny polish and classic style of this model entice us.

Victorinox, like its previous models, has utilised Swiss quartz for an accurate moment. Who would dare to disregard such a great work with all of these amazing features? Here are a few more amazing characteristics of I.N.O.X.

The case is 43mm in diameter.
Stainless steel bracelet that is hypoallergenic and vibration resistant.
The 200m water-resistance capability
Bumper that can be removed

8. AVI-8 Men’s ‘Lancaster Bomber’ Quartz Stainless Steel and Leather Aviator Watch

Best Automatic Watches 08
Under $300, the Top 14 Best Automatic Watches 44

Lancaster launched aviation-inspired wristwatch line with their exquisite new designs. These astounding designs give tribute to the pilots. Lancaster’s traditional designs can lure anyone to make them part of their collection.

Unlike classic chronograph watches, AVI-8 has four mini dials to showcase date. Would you believe that this historically rich watch would not charge a hefty amount of money from your bank account?

Yes, you guessed it right AVI-8 is also one of those watches which would cost you less than $300. Let’s discover more critical features of Lancaster Bomber’s AVI-8.

  • Classic buckle strap design
  • Original leather strap
  • Clear and easy product design
  • Easy to read the calendar
  • Japanese quartz movement
  • The water-resistance capacity of 165 feet

9. Hamilton Jazzmaster Men’s Watch

Best Automatic Watches 09
Under $300, the Top 14 Best Automatic Watches 45

Hamilton is not a brand that generally sells timepieces for less than $300. They have, however, introduced the Jazzmaster Men’s Wristwatch line for their die-hard followers. You won’t be surprised to learn that a Jazzmaster wristwatch will set you back less than $300.

Despite the fact that it is a low-cost timepiece, Hamilton has not sacrificed on quality. Let’s take a look at Hamilton’s Jazzmaster Men’s Wristwatch’s unusual features.

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Number 6 has a date display window at the top.
Dial color: silver
For a solid grip, use the pin buckle.
Hour and minute hands are illuminated and housed in a circular casing.
The 50m water-resistance capability

10. Braun Classic Chronograph Men’s Watch

Best Automatic Watches 10
Under $300, the Top 14 Best Automatic Watches 46

It is a classic chronograph watch with less funky stuff. This watch is undoubtedly a beautiful fusion of modern style and timeless sophistication.

Do not be deceived by its graceful yet straightforward look; this stunning beauty is a 2012 Red Dot Award winner.

Let’s check out more exciting features of this award-winning timepiece.

  • German quartz movement and chronograph
  • Lightweight and water-resistant, suitable for swimming
  • 22mm thin band with a buckle

It’s a more traditional chronograph watch with less wacky features. This timepiece is unquestionably a lovely blend of current flair and timeless refinement.

Don’t be fooled by its understated elegance; this magnificent gem is a 2012 Red Dot Award winner.

Let’s have a look at some of the other cool features of this award-winning watch.

Chronograph and quartz movement from Germany
22mm thin band with a buckle, lightweight and water-resistant, excellent for swimming

11. Adidas Cypher_LX1 Men’s Watch

Best Automatic Watches 11
Under $300, the Top 14 Best Automatic Watches 47

Adidas created this stunning sports watch that is inspired by the company’s athletic history. The sleek and lightweight design of the Cypher LX1 makes it a perfect alternative for sports enthusiasts.

We have nothing but admiration for this beauty since, despite its ultra-practical and current sporting appearance, it will not set you back a fortune. Here are a few of our favorite Cypher LX1’s amazing features.

The current stainless steel case, along with the unidirectional indexing bezel, is both functional and stylish.
Functions as an hourglass, a minuteglass, and a secondglass.
Quartz Movement in Japan
A curved mineral crystal is set in a stainless steel case.
The 100m water-resistance capability

12. Void Watch-PKG01

Best Automatic Watches 12
Under $300, the Top 14 Best Automatic Watches 48

PKG01 is without a doubt the Void’s thinnest watch to date. In the world of watches, its basic yet attractive design is a great mix of old and modern concepts.

Its white dial, which has the trademark red second hand of Void, may easily become your first choice at any moment. Let’s see what more PKG01 has to offer.

Quartz movement from Japan
With an analog display, this casing is stylish and small.
The dial is easy to read.

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